Ahihi Bays Waiala Cove The Complete Guide To Maui

calendarJun 14 2017
Located near Ahihi Bay, this spot is popular for snorkeling amongst tourist and locals.
Parking is scarce, but the snorkeling is good.
The shoreline is rocky, and not a great spot for laying out and sunbathing.
Its a snorkelers beach near with beautiful views of Lanai nestled between some of Mauis nicest private homes.
It is popular since it’s a convenient place for snorkelers to get in the water without hiking or swimming.
During normal ocean conditions, more experienced snorkelers, swimmers and kayakers can venture out of the cove and into ‘Ahihi Bay (proper) where it remains shallow and is teeming with life.
SCUBA and kayaking are also popular here.