Hong Kong

South Bay Beach (Hong Kong)

calendarOct 01 2017
Less busy than Middle Bay but still popular with tourists and locals. The gay section is to the left hand side of the beach.

Like Middle Bay Beach, there is no direct public transport, so either take a taxi or walk from Repulse Bay (past Middle Bay Beach).

South Bay Beach is a great alternative to the more popular and crowded Repulse Beach in southern Hong Kong. While great crowds can turn up during weekends, it is still relatively more quiet and less congested than other beaches in the area.

The beach offers spectacular views and peaceful surroundings perfect for relaxation. The soft golden sand is great for soaking some sun while the shallow water and gentle waves are ideal for swimming. In fact, the beach is a favorite summer destination for local families with young children. Lush trees behind the beach provide shade and are great spots for picnics. The beach is also popular for its sunsets.

South Bay Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.