Twin Falls Waterfall Maui

calendarJun 12 2017
Twin Falls Maui is a natural, biologically diverse, 40 acre farm located on the North Shore of Maui.
Wailele Farm - Twin Falls Maui. Managing free public recreational access as an inspiration for all.
Honoring the traditional uses of Hoolawa valley - Twin Falls Maui, Hawaii since 1997.

Twin Falls is the first easily accessible string of waterfalls and pools on the Road to Hana.
It also has one of the better snack stands on the journey.
At mile marker 2 (11.4 miles past Pa‘ia), Twin Falls is one of the easiest and shortest waterfall hikes you’ll find in East Maui.
It’s also the first series of waterfalls you’ll encounter on the Road to Hana.
Since much of the area weaves through private homes (respect the Kapu, or “Keep Out” signs on driveways), most of the “trail” is a gravel road that is wide and easy for strolling.
Although there are a few spots where the footing can be tricky, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a “tame” walk into the jungle.

The first thing you should know is that when you drive by, chances are the parking lot will be packed with cars.
Don’t let that point alone mislead you, because Twin Falls is a pretty big place, and is often uncrowded even when the parking lot is packed.
Most visitors will rush in with cameras blazing, thinking they have seen all there is to see after they capture a photo the first falls they happen to find.
They will also be kind enough to leave the rest of the place much more serene for the visitors who took the time to plan their Road to Hana trip (like you!)

Twin Falls has an access road for residents that travels the better part of a mile alongside Ho’olawa Stream.
A jungle largely restored by the residents over years of loving care accompanies you as you hike uphill on the well maintained graded and graveled path/road.
After about a half mile or so, the wide path splits off into two foot-paths that fork in the general direction of Ho’olawa’s two main tributary streams.